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Partner with Cyrus Capital and build a financial legacy

We help investors build generational wealth and passive income to leave a legacy. Our process involves the acquisition, operation, and eventual disposition, of large-scale real estate, as a vehicle to provide investors with a safe alternative to traditional stock and bond markets.

Our Team

Maurice Cyrus

CEO - Cyrus Capital LLC

He is the heart and soul of Cyrus Capital which he and Kristie, his wife, started in 2021 which started from single family homes to multifamily opportunities and Commercial Real Estate.
He is determined to live out his faith through the work of his hand and mind. He believes that it’s his responsibility to be forward thinking in all that he does so that future generations would know he loved and valued them. Maurice spends his free time on faith-based service, family and gym.

J. Feehan

real estate professional

John “Jack” J. Feehan Jr. Jack has been a real estate professional for over forty years. His experience includes:
  • Vice President of Underwriting for Fairfield Residential. He played a crucial role in developing over 45,000 multifamily units over twenty years.
  • Vice President of Development for Lincoln Property Company. Responsible for the development of over 1,300 multifamily units in Southern CA
  • He has been a consultant to Greystar, the nation’s top multifamily development firm. His assignments included successfully underwriting and completing 988 multifamily units in Arizona and Southern CA.
  • He currently works as a consultant to acquire or develop multifamily, mixed‐use, self‐storage projects. His work includes financial projections, market studies, and drafting of Offering Memorandums.
  • He is a licensed CA Real Estate Broker and is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and Harvard Business School.

Aman Gambhir

Aman is an Investment Banker with more than 15 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, private equity, real estate and business valuations. He is actively involved in pitching fund raising mandates and has catered to an array of companies from entry stage to exits. He has a deep understanding of the financial markets and is active in Debt Syndications, Private Equities, Distressed Debt, and Business VAluations.
In 2007 He founded Caston Capital Advisory Services. Aman and Caston Capital Advisory Services partner with Cyrus Capital, LLC to effectively underwrite, advise during due diligence and review acquisitions.

Bernard MENSAH

Acquisition Manager

UK trained Chartered Certified Accountant.
Bernard is trained in the area of Commercial Real Estate and and excels with numbers, web research, and evaluation of CRE properties.

Rhea Vargas

Operations Manager - Cyrus Capital LLC

Rhea Vargas, Operations Manager of Cyrus Capital LLC who manages the organization and operations of roles, responsibilities and tasks of each department. She has been in several industries for 16 years
And has been providing Real Estate Business Solutions for 7 years. She has a deep passion for volunteerism, community service and strongly believes in paying it forward. Camping, hiking and playing ukulele are a few of her activities to relax and recharge.

Our Team

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